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snIPL (simple network IPL) experimental (superseded)

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For use with "June 2003 stream".

snipl-0.1.0.tar.gz MD5 recommended (2003-07-25)

snIPL (simple network IPL) for STONITH (Linux Image Control - Virtual Power Switch) is a plugin for the heartbeat-stonith "framework".

STONITH (Shoot The Other Node In The Head) provides an extensible interface for remotely powering down a node in a cluster. The used STONITH implementation is part of the Heartbeat framework of the High Availability Project ( gives a general description of the STONITH technique. The latest STONITH release can be downloaded from

snIPL for Stonith supports the remote image operations activate, deactivate, and reset, exploiting basic S/390/z800/z900/z990 Hardware Management Console (HMC) and Support Element (SE) functions for Linux running in an LPAR and of basic z/VM 4.4 System Management Functions for Linux running under control of z/VM. The actual implementation of stonith may limit the functionality of all PowerSwitches to reset.

Note: This version of snIPL, called snIPL for stonith, is different to an earlier experimental interactive tool snIPL (simple network IPL) experimental.


Please read the README of snIPL enclosed in the tarball for further information and restrictions.

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