Useful add-ons: snIPL (simple network IPL)


snIPL (simple network IPL) experimental (superseded)

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For use with "August 2001" and "May 2002 stream".

snipl.tar.gz MD5 recommended (2002-03-04)

snIPL (simple network IPL) is an experimental interactive tool which serves as remote control of basic S/390/z800/z900 Hardware Management Console (HMC) and Support Element (SE) functions. snIPL can be used to boot Linux for S/390 or zSeries in LPAR mode, to send and retrieve operating system messages, or to deactivate an LPAR for I/O fencing purposes in a clustered environment.
Note: snIPL can not be used to control VM-guests remotely.

To allow remote access, the SE has to be configured properly (see SB10-7030, "zSeries 900, Application Programming Interfaces", available at To compile and run snIPL, it requires to be linked to a management library which comes with the HMC software for various operating systems, see SB10-7030 for further details. The library itself is maintained by the IBM HMC team. Versions of the library for Linux for S/390 are available on a customer request basis. Please contact your local IBM representatives for further inquiries.

Please read the README and manpage of snIPL enclosed in the tarball for further information and restrictions.

The Linux for S/390 and zSeries Device Driver and Installation Commands manuals (kernel 2.4) also contain useful information on snIPL.

snIPL is provided under the terms of the enclosed Common Public License ("agreement"). Any use, reproduction or distribution of the program constitutes recipient's acceptance of this agreement.

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