Useful add-ons: snIPL (simple network IPL)


snIPL V.2.1.2 (Linux Image Control for LPAR / VM)

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for use with "June 2003 stream" and "April 2004 stream". Use for "October 2005 stream" is superseded by snipl-0213.

snipl- MD5 recommended (2006-03-28)

This version supersedes

This version contains the following snIPL bug fix for snIPL V.2.1:

snIPL: for LPAR systems snIPL may not receive HMC/SE-responses.
snIPL command may stay in an infinite "processing" loop.
snIPL makes use of an HMC/SE-provided API called hwmcaapi. As default this API chooses randomly numbered ports for communication between a snIPL-invoking Linux system and the HMC/SE. Strict firewall rules may block these ports.
Enable snIPL to make use of a specific hwmcaapi-initialize-option that guarantees that tcp-port 3161 is used for communication between a snIPL-invoking Linux system and the HMC/SE. This allows to define specific tcp-port 3161 in the firewall. Usage of this snIPL version requires usage of hwmcaapi-version greater or equal to 2.9.1 from Resource Link

snIPL - simple network IPL (Linux Image Control for LPAR / VM) is a command line tool which serves as remote linux image control using basic S/390 or zSeries or System z9 Support Element (SE) functions or basic z/VM system management functions with z/VM 4.4 (or higher) on one or more images.

Please refer to the README and manpage of snIPL enclosed in the tarball for further information and restrictions.

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