Useful add-ons: LVM multipath support


LVM multipath support

The patches on this page enable LVM (logical volume manager) to support disk devices that can be accessed through more than one data path. For example this could be storage subsystems that can be connected to more than one controller or that are integrated into storage area networks (SANs). Normally these would be seen in Linux as multiple block devices with identical contents that can be accessed independently.

With the patch applied LVM can spread I/O over available paths (load balancing) or automatically re-route data to remaining paths should some of the paths fail (failover support).

In order to get this working you will need the original LVM package from Sistina at or

There you also find information about what LVM is and how to use it.

Then you get the multipath patch package you want from this page and proceed as described in the readme file that is included in the package.

For usage of "Multipathing support" see

Note that LVM multipath support is not intended for use with "April 2004 stream".

The patches on this page are provided for several levels of LVM and in two versions (v6 and v7) of multipath support: v7 has improved load-balancing over v6:


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