Useful add-ons: zfcp HBA API library 1.4 (superseded)

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zfcp HBA API library 1.4 (superseded)

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For use with "October 2005 stream" and "April 2004 stream"


  • No special kernel prerequisites for use with "October 2005 stream"
  • For use with "April 2004 stream" kernel patch 16 (or higher) is required
  • Usage of zfcp HBA API library 1.4 with "June 2003 stream" is experimental

lib-zfcp-hbaapi-1.4.tar.gz MD5 recommended (2006-03-28)

This package is a complete replacement for lib-zfcp-hbaapi-1.3.tar.gz and contains the following changes:

  • SAN discovery tool san_disc is now linked statically and is the sole exploiter of HBA API library


lib-zfcp-hbaapi is part of an implementation of FC-HBA for the zfcp device driver. The package contains the tool san_disc which is based on FC-HBA. This tool can be used for port discovery and LUN scanning in FC SANs.

The zfcp device driver is a FCP device driver for Linux on zSeries. The implementation of FC-HBA for the zfcp device driver is called zfcp HBA API. Its implementation consists of the following parts:

  • zfcp HBA API Library - a library which provides the API defined in FC-HBA.
  • The kernel module zfcp_hbaapi which provides a misc device with certain IO controls for communication between kernel and user space. The module registers callback functions in the zfcp device driver and is able to use functionality provided by the zfcp device driver. This module is the connection between zfcp HBA API Library and the zfcp device driver.
  • The zfcp device driver contains hooks at which callback functions of the zfcp_hbaapi kernel module are invoked. Furthermore the device driver provides functionality which can be used by the zfcp_hbaapi kernel module.

Hardware Requirements:

The zfcp HBA API support was first available on IBM eServer zSeries 990 processors with a microcode level (MCL) that includes the enhancements of October 31, 2003. Please ensure to use the latest available microcode level.

This support is also available on System z9.


The package doxygen ( is required for the complete build of the sources.

Generic installation instructions are given in file INSTALL. To build and install lib-zfcp-hbaapi, use the following steps:

  1. ./configure
  2. make
  3. make docs
  4. make install

lib-zfcp-hbaapi installs:

  • san_disc tool to /usr/local/bin
  • some man-pages to /usr/local/man
  • documentation to /usr/local/share/zfcp-hbaapi-1.4

Beginning with version 1.4 of lib-zfcp-hbaapi no shared version of the library is installed anymore. Instead the san_disc tool is linked statically against libzfcphbaapi.