zfcp HBA API library 1.1 (superseded)

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For use with "June 2003 stream".

lib-zfcp-hbaapi-1.1.tar.gz MD5 recommended (superseded) (2004-07-30)

This package is a complete replacement for lib-zfcp-hbaapi-1.0.tar.gz and contains the following bug fix:

zfcp_hbaapi: I/O controls broken if SCSI_SENSE_BUFFERSIZE is changed
I/O controls for REPORT LUNS, INQUIRY, READ CAPACITY do not work if SCSI_SENSE_BUFFERSIZE is changed (only) in kernel sources
structs in I/O controls depend on kernel macro
avoid usage of SCSI_SENSE_BUFFERSIZE in struct definitions, use separate macro instead considering max possible sense data size as defined in SPC-2
The kernel 2.4.21 bug fix patch linux-2.4.21-s390-12-june2003.diff for the "June 2003 stream" is required for this level of the package.

The Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter Application Programming Interface (HBA API) provides services and interfaces for SAN management applications. It is defined in FC-HBA (The T11 Technical Committee, Fibre Channel HBA API, http://www.t11.org).

lib-zfcp-hbaapi is a user-space library and serves as the implementation of an FC-HBA compliant interface for user applications. The zfcp host bus adapter driver (included in June 2003 stream 2004-01-30 patches) for zSeries FCP channels is extended by additional communication paths which are exploited by the user space library to request and receive SAN management information. For additional information, please see Linux for zSeries and S/390 Device Drivers and Installation Commands and the documentation enclosed in the lib-zfcp-hbaapi package.

Hardware Requirements:
The zfcp HBA API support is only available on IBM eServer zSeries 990 mainframes with a microcode level (MCL) that includes the enhancements of October 31, 2003. Please ensure to use the latest available microcode level.

The package doxygen (www.doxygen.org) is required for the complete build of the sources.

Generic installation instructions are given in file INSTALL. To build and install lib-zfcp-hbaapi, use the following steps:

lib-zfcp-hbaapi installs by default in /usr/local/lib, the HBA API header file is installed in /usr/local/include and documentation is installed in /usr/local/share/zfcp-hbaapi-1.0. The library is named libzfcphbaapi.so. The HBA API header file is named hbaapi.h and should be included by applications that link against libzfcphbaapi.so.

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