2005-12-09 kernel 2.6.5 tape_3590 OCO modules ("April 2004") (superseded)

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tape_3590-2.6.5-s390-03-april2004.tar.gz / MD5 ... 31-bit OCO module, recommended (superseded) (2005-12-09)

tape_3590-2.6.5-s390x-03-april2004.tar.gz / MD5 ... 64-bit OCO module, recommended (superseded) (2005-12-09)

The 2005-12-09 tape_3590 OCO-modules:

This patch contains the following linux kernel bug fix:

tape: tape block device images on 3590 still must be the first file.
Tape block device images on 3590 units can only be mounted if the image file is the first file on the media.
File offset calculations did not include the offset to the file.
Add offset of the file to the requested offset.

Note: After unpacking this tarball, please rename the tape_3590 OCO module to tape_3590.ko

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