Kernel patches

2003-10-31 kernel 2.4.21 tape_3590 OCO modules ("June 2003") (superseded)

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tape3590-2.4.21-s390-01-june2003.tar.gz / MD5 ... 31-bit OCO module, recommended (superseded) (2003-10-31)

tape3590-2.4.21-s390x-01-june2003.tar.gz / MD5 ... 64-bit OCO module, recommended (superseded) (2003-10-31)

The 2003-10-31 tape_3590 OCO-modules:

tape: Initially boxed tapes might become invisible.
Tapes that where assigned during module load might not show up in the /proc/tapedevices output and can't be accessed.
Common I/O layer somehow detects the assignment and refuses to return an interrupt.
Ignore -EUSERS during setup but mark the device as boxed and still in INIT. Later calls to tape_open() will retry to get an interrupt and return an error if the device still can't be accessed.
tape: Fix implementation of NOP mtio operation.
The NOP call fails for 34xx devices if no tape medium is present. On 3590 devices it succeeds but accidentally changes the medium state to LOADED, regardless of the real medium state.
As stated in mtio.h the NOP call should do nothing but update the device status that can be read by MTIOCGET.
Ignore the no medium unit check for NOP in tape_34xx but update the generic status flags (DR_OPEN). Do not change the generic status after a NOP command in tape_3590.

Note: After unpacking this tarball, please rename the tape3590 OCO module to tape_3590.o

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