src_vipa-2.0.0 (source VIPA) (superseded)

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src_vipa-2.0.0.tar.gz MD5 experimental (superseded) (2003-09-18)

Release note:

Version 2.0.0 was improved over version 1.0.3 to work with multiple VIPAs per destination to achieve multipath load balancing. See the README and man page in the package for details. Version 1.0.3 is still up to date and can be used, if multipath load balancing is not needed resp. only one VIPA is used.

Please note, that the configuration file layout has changed since the 1.x versions, for details see the README and man page provided in the package. A note to zebra users: please read the man page for configuration issues.

General description:

src_vipa is an experimental utility that provides a very flexible means of source address selection to arbitrary applications. This is in particular useful for high availability setups, where the dummy device holds a "VIPA" (virtual IP address). src_vipa is a User Space utility and involves no kernel changes.

Installation and configuration instructions are provided in the package.

Please read the README and manpage of src_vipa enclosed in the tarball for further information and restrictions.

src_vipa is provided under the terms of the enclosed Common Public License ("agreement"). Any use, reproduction or distribution of the program constitutes recipient's acceptance of this agreement.

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