2004-12-10 [RHEL3] kernel 2.4.21-20.0.1

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Note, that these OCO-modules will most certainly not match any other (earlier or later) Red Hat distribution, nor any other distribution.

These RPMs contain the re-compiled versions of tape_3590 OCO-modules for RHEL AS 3 kernel 2.4.21-20.0.1, functionally equivalent to the previous (2004-09-20, 2004-08-06, 2004-07-13, 2004-07-05, 2004-05-28, 2004-03-09, 2004-02-16, 2003-11-14, and 2003-10-31) OCO-modules for Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Server 3.

[2004-12-10] kernel-3590-2.4.21-20.0.1.EL.s390.tar.gz MD5 (31-bit)

[2004-12-10] kernel-3590-2.4.21-20.0.1.EL.s390x.tar.gz MD5 (64-bit)

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In the 2.4.21-20.0.1.EL Red Hat kernel several IBM bug fixes for tape-infrastructure are missing.
Therefore, do not set fixed block sizes to tape devices, since this can lead to system crashes.

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