2003-05-22 [RH7.2] kernel 2.4.9-43

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Note, that these OCO-modules will most certainly not match any other (earlier or later) Red Hat distribution, nor any other distribution.

Current: OCO modules for Red Hat Linux 7.2 S/390 (Kernel 2.4.9-43) 31-bit

Shutdown msg with multicast IP
Msg on interface shutdown, cannot delete multicast IP
qeth sent wrong command when doing ioctl
When issueing SIOCDEVPRIVATE+2, a wrong command code was sent to the card

[2003-05-22] kernel-oco-2.4.9-43.s390.tar.gz MD5

Unpack the tarball: kernel-oco-2.4.9-43.s390.tar.gz

As root, install the rpm using: rpm -i kernel-oco-2.4.9-43.s390.rpm

and then delete the old module dependencies using: rm -f /lib/modules/2.4.9-43*/modules.dep

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