2002-01-15 [RH7.2] kernel 2.4.9-17

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2002-01-15: OCO modules for Red Hat Linux 7.2 S/390 (Kernel 2.4.9-17) 31-bit

The following experimental downloads are for use with:

Please note that the included OCO-modules and description will most certainly not match any other (earlier or later) "Red Hat Linux S/390" distribution, nor any other distribution.

The PDF [2002-01-15] How to install... describes how to install the lcs, qeth, and qdio OCO-modules onto an already installed "Red Hat Linux 7.2 S/390" and how to do a network-installation, using the QETH- or LCS-based network-drivers.

This description is experimental and only some of the steps described therein have been rudimentarily tested.

Important notice:

The mkoco script included in the below tar-file requires losetup from util-linux package version >=2.11, see http://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/utils/util-linux

The following experimental download:

[2002-01-15] redhat-oco-2.4.9-17-s390-2.tar.gz MD5 contains OCO-modules matching the following kernels:

Please read the above How-To-PDF before using the items in the tar-file!

2002-01-15 updated tar-file and PDF, replacing items of 2001-12-19.

2001-12-19 first delivery of tar-file and PDF.

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