snIPL (simple network IPL)

This page is the 'homepage' of the Linux on System z snIPL 'simple network IPL' package.


The snIPL package consists of two commands snipl and sncap.

snIPL - simple network IPL - is a command line tool which serves as remote linux image control using basic Support Element (SE) functions or basic z/VM system management functions on one or more images.

  • With snIPL in LPAR mode you can load (IPL) an LPAR from a disk device, send commands to the operating system and retrieve operating system messages; or reset, activate, or deactivate an LPAR for I/O fencing purposes - using the management application programming interfaces (APIs) provided by the HMC (System z Hardware Management Console) or SE (Support Element).
  • With snIPL in z/VM mode you can log on, reset, or log off a z/VM guest virtual machine - using the systems management API through a z/VM SMAPI request server (available as of z/VM 5.3).
  • With snIPL for STONITH you can activate, deactivate, and reset Linux instances in LPAR mode or running as z/VM guests.

sncap – simple network processing unit capacity management command line tool which allows to dynamically change Central Processing Complex (CPC) processing unit capacity from Linux environments using Support Element functions. In particular, you can use sncap to activate or deactivate temporary capacity records and query the temporary capacity record or CPC state information.

Download area - current: snIPL packages

Package Date Comment
snipl- / MD5 2018-04-10 Adds support for openSSL 1.1. DMSVMSA deprecated.

Archive: Links to previous snIPL packages

Package Drop date Comment
snIPL V.3.0.0 2016-12-01 Development stream snIPL V.3.0.0
snIPL V.2.3.3 2016-04-11 Development stream snIPL V.2.3.3
snIPL V.2.3.2 2016-02-12 Development stream snIPL V.2.3.2
snIPL V.2.3.1 2014-01-23 Development stream snIPL V.2.3.1
snIPL V.2.3.0 2013-09-30 Development stream snIPL V.2.3.0
snIPL V.2.2.1 2011-12-16 Development stream snIPL V.2.2.1
snIPL V.2.2.0 2011-06-30 Development stream snIPL V.2.2.0
snIPL V.2.1.9 2010-09-16 Development stream snIPL V.2.1.9
snIPL V.2.1.8 2010-05-28 Development stream snIPL V.2.1.8
snIPL V.2.1.7 2010-03-12 Development stream snIPL V.2.1.7
snIPL V.2.1.6 2009-09-23 Development stream snIPL V.2.1.6
snIPL V.2.1.5 2009-03-20 Development stream snIPL V.2.1.5
snIPL V.2.1.4 2009-01-08 Development stream snIPL V.2.1.4

For older snIPL packages visit Useful add-ons: snIPL in the Archive.