2011-12-16 snIPL V.2.2.1 (Development stream)

This snIPL V.2.2.1 contains bugfixes and replaces all previous snIPL versions.

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snipl- MD5 recommended (2011-12-16)

This version supersedes all previous snIPL versions.

This version contains the following snIPL changes compared to snIPL V.2.2.0:

snIPL - simple network IPL is a command line tool which serves as remote linux image control using basic Support Element (SE) functions or basic z/VM system management functions on one or more images. In particular, you can use snIPL to activate and deactivate virtual System z hardware with Linux instances.

Note: As of version 2.1.3, snIPL supports STONITH version 2 only. Older snIPL versions support STONITH version 1 only.

Please refer to the README and manpage in the tarball for further information and restrictions.

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