Overview of s390-tools

The following table lists the available s390-tools in alphabetical order showing:

Tool/feature Description
chccwdev (v1.3.0) Script to modify generic attributes of channel attached devices; from zconf.
chchp (v1.6.2) Script to modify channel-path state; from zconf.
chcpumf (v1.25.0) Use the chcpumf tool to control the sampling facility support.
chmem (v1.9.0) Set hotplug memory online or offline; from zconf.
chreipl (v1.8.0) Change reipl device settings; from ipl_tools.
chshut (v1.8.0) Change actions which should be done in case of halt, poff, reboot or panic; from ipl_tools.
chzcrypt (v1.8.0) Script to modify zcrypt configuration; from zconf.
chzdev (v1.33.0) Tool to modify the persistent configuration of devices and device drivers which are specific to the s390 platform.
cio_ignore (v1.8.2) Query and modify the contents of the CIO device driver blacklist; from zconf.
cmsfs-fuse (v1.9.0) Use the cmsfs-fuse command to read, add, delete, and modify files stored on a z/VM CMS disk. It is possible to mount a CMS disk and use common Linux tools to work with the files on the disk.
cpacfstats (v1.29.0) The cpacfstats tools provide a client/server application set to monitor and maintain CPACF activity counters
cpuplugd (v1.6.3) Daemon that manages CPU- and memory-resources based on a set of rules. Depending on the workload CPUs can be enabled or disabled. The amount of memory can be increased or decreased exploiting the Cooperative Memory Management (CMM1) feature.
dasdfmt (v1.0.0) Low-level format ECKD DASDs with the classic Linux disk layout or the z/OS-compatible disk layout.
dasdinfo (v1.6.0) Display unique DASD ID, either uid or volser.
dasdstat (v1.16.0) Configure and format the debugfs based DASD statistics data.
dasdview (v1.0.3) Display DASD and VTOC information or dump the contents of a DASD to the console.
dbginfo (v1.1.0) Shell script collecting useful information about the current system for debugging purposes.
dumpconf (v1.6.0) Allows to configure the dump device used for system dump in case a kernel panic occurs. This tool can also be used as an init script for etc/init.d. Prerequisite for dumpconf is a Linux kernel with the "dump on panic" feature.
dump2tar (v1.37.0) Sysfs collection helper for dbginfo.sh.
fdasd (v1.0.0) Create or modify partitions on ECKD DASDs formatted with the z/OS compatible disk layout.
hmcdrvfs (v1.28.0) File system for remote access to media in the HMC media drive.
hyptop (v1.12.0) Provides a dynamic real-time view of a System z hypervisor environment, z/VM or LPAR, showing for example CPU and memory consumption of active LPARs or z/VM guests.
[ipl_tools] (v1.8.0) Set of tools to configure and list reipl and shutdown actions.
ip_watcher (v1.2.2) Provides HiperSockets Network Concentrator functionality. It looks for addresses in the HiperSockets and sets them as Proxy ARP on the OSA cards. It also adds routing entries for all IP addresses configured on active HiperSockets devices. Use start_hsnc.sh to start HiperSockets Network Concentrator.
iucvterm (v1.8.1) z/VM IUCV terminal applications: A set of applications to provide terminal access via the z/VM Inter-User Communication Vehicle (IUCV). The terminal access does not require an active TCP/IP connection between two Linux guest operating systems.
lschp (v1.6.2) Script to list information about available channel-paths; from zconf.
lscpumf (v1.25.0) Use the lscpumf tool to display information about the CPU-measurement counter and sampling facilities.
lscss (v1.3.0) Script to list channel subsystem devices; from zconf.
lsdasd (v1.3.0) Script to list channel attached direct access
lsluns (v1.8.0) Script to list available SCSI LUNs depending on adapter or port; from zconf.
Note: For executing the lsluns script the sg_luns command must be available. The sg_luns executable is part of the SCSI generic device driver package (sg3 utils/sg utils).
lsmem (v1.9.0) Display the online status of the available memory; from zconf.
lsqeth (v1.4.0) Script to list all qeth-based network devices with their corresponding settings; from zconf.
lsreipl (v1.8.0) List information of reipl device; from ipl_tools.
lsscm (v1.20.0) List information about available storage-class memory increments.
lsshut (v1.8.0) List actions which will be done in case of halt, poff, reboot or panic; from ipl_tools.
lstape (v1.3.0) Script to list tape devices, both channel-attached and FCP-attached; from zconf.
lszcrypt (v1.8.0) Script to show information about zcrypt devices and configuration; from zconf.
lszdev (v1.33.0) Tool to display the persistent configuration of devices and device drivers which are specific to the s390 platform.
lszfcp (v1.5.2/3) Script to show information contained in sysfs about zfcp adapters, ports and units that are online; from zconf.
mon_statd (v1.5.6) Starts Linux-z/VM monitoring daemons.
osasnmpd (v1.1.0) NET-SNMP subagent implementing MIBs provided by OSA-Express features Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, and 10 Gigabit Ethernet.
Note: You need at least the UCD-SNMP 4.2.3 package installed, before building the osasnmpd subagent.
For more information on NET-SNMP refer to: http://net-snmp.sourceforge.net/
qetharp (v1.1.0) Read and flush the ARP cache on OSA Express network cards.
qethconf (v1.2.0) bash shell script simplifying the usage of qeth IPA (IP address takeover), VIPA (Virtual IP address) and Proxy ARP for layer 3.
qethqoat (v1.18.0) Query the OSA address table (OAT) and display physical and logical device information
scsi_logging_level (v1.5.2/3) Create, get or set the logging level for the SCSI logging facility.
systemd units s390 specific instance units for systemd:
tape390_crypt (v1.5.6) Control and query crypto settings for 3592 tape devices.
tape390_display (v1.1.0) Display information on the message display facility of a tape device.
ttyrun (v1.9.0) The ttyrun tool safely starts getty programs and prevents respawns through the init program, if a terminal is not available.
tunedasd (v1.3.0) Adjust tunable parameters on DASD devices.
vmconvert (v1.3.2) Convert system dumps created by the z/VM VMDUMP command into dumps with LKCD format.
These LKCD dumps can then be analyzed with the dump analysis tools lcrash or crash.
vmcp (v1.5.0) Allows Linux users to send commands to the z/VM control program (CP). The normal usage is to invoke vmcp with the command you want to execute. The response of z/VM is written to the standard output.
vmur (v1.6.2) Allows to work with z/VM spool file queues (reader, punch, printer).
[zconf] Set of scripts to configure and list status information of Linux on System z devices.
zdsfs (v1.24.0) Use the zdsfs command to mount a z/OS DASD as Linux file system.
zfcpdbf (v1.5.0) Display debug data of zfcp. zfcp provides traces via the s390 debug feature. Those traces are filtered with the zfcpdbf script, i.e. merge several traces, make it more readable etc.
zfcpdump (v1.2.0) Dump tool to create system dumps on fibre channel attached SCSI disks. It is installed using the zipl command.
zfcpdump v2 is the second version of the zfcpdump tool which was first integrated into upstream kernel 2.6.23.
zgetdump (v1.0.0) Retrieve system dumps from either tapes or DASDs.
ziomon tools (v1.8.0) Set of tools to collect data for zfcp performance analysis.
Report utilities (ziorep_config, ziorep_traffic, ziorep_utilization) for performance data report generation.
zipl (v1.0.0) Make DASDs or tapes bootable for system IPL or system dump.
zkey (v1.39.0) Use the zkey tool to generate secure AES keys that are enciphered with a master key of an IBM cryptographic adapter in CCA coprocessor mode. You can also use the zkey tool to validate and re-encipher secure AES keys.
znetconf (v1.8.2) List and configure network devices for System z network adapters; from zconf.

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