s390-tools 1.8.4

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This s390-tools 1.8.4 contains enhancements and bug-fixes; it replaces s390-tools-1.8.3.

2010-03-12 s390-tools 1.8.4 ("Development stream")

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s390-tools is a package with a set of user space utilities to be used with the Linux on System z distributions.

s390-tools-1.8.4.tar.bz2 / MD5 recommended (2010-03-12)

New tools

  • 60-readahead.rules: udev rules to set increased "default max readahead".
    • The current "default max readahead" defined by the kernel is too small for s390. Add udev rule to set a better default value. This will increase sequential read performance up to 40%.

Changes to existing tools

  • lsqeth: Introduce "lay'2" column for "lsqeth -p" and new qeth attribute "isolation".
  • dumpconf: Prevent re-IPL loop for dump on panic.
    • A new keyword DELAY_MINUTES is introduced in the dumpconf configuration file. Using this keyword the activation of dumpconf can be delayed in order to prevent potential re-IPL loops.
  • qethconf: Indicate command failure and show message list.
    • When qethconf detects a bad exit status of its issued echo command, an error message is presented to the user.
    • Possible reasons for command failure can be listed with "qethconf list_msg".
  • zipl:
    • Improve I/O error recovery during IPL.
    • Automatically calculate the ramdisk address dependent on the kernel image size.

Bug fixes

  • chreipl:
    • Fix SIGSEGV in "chreipl node".
  • chshut:
    • Disable panic action. The panic action should be configured using the dumpconf service.
  • cpuplugd:
    • Fix file handling in get_cmmpages_size().
  • dasdinfo:
    • Fix handling of read-only devices.
  • dasdview:
    • Fix floating point error for unformatted devices.
  • fdasd:
    • Fix handling of read-only devices.
    • Fix floating point error for unformatted devices.
    • Fix auto mode behavior.
  • libvtoc:
    • Fix string overflow in vtoc_volume_label_init().
  • lscss:
    • Fix uppercase conversion (appeared with -u option).
  • lsreipl:
    • Add missing NSS support.
  • lstape:
    • Fix exit status of program for --help option.
  • mon_statd:
    • Improve init script.
  • tunedasd:
    • Fix handling of read-only devices.
  • vmconvert:
    • Ensure null termination of progress bar string.
    • Set correct LKCD end marker flag.
  • zfcpdump_v2:
    • Ignore failure of modprobe.
    • Set correct LKCD end marker flag.
  • ziomon:
    • Fix exit status for --help and --version options.
  • zipl:
    • Fix zfcp dump partition error.
  • znetconf:
    • Fix handling for hexadecimal CHPID types.