s390-tools 1.8.1

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This s390-tools 1.8.1 contains enhancements and bug-fixes; it replaces s390-tools-1.8.0.

2009-05-08 s390-tools 1.8.1 ("Development stream")

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s390-tools is a package with a set of user space utilities to be used with the Linux on System z distributions.

s390-tools-1.8.1.tar.bz2 / MD5 recommended (2009-05-08)

New tools

  • iucvterm: z/VM IUCV terminal applications
    • A set of applications to provide terminal access via the z/VM Inter-User Communication Vehicle (IUCV). The terminal access does not require an active TCP/IP connection between two Linux guest operating systems.
      • iucvconn: Application to establish a terminal connection via z/VM IUCV.
      • iucvtty: Application to provide terminal access via z/VM IUCV.
      • ts-shell: Terminal server shell to authorize and control IUCV terminal connections for individual Linux users.

Changes to existing tools

  • DASD related tools: Add Large Volume Support for ECKD DASDs
    • The DASD device driver with "Large Volume Support" allows to access ECKD DASD devices with more than 65520 cylinders. To exploit this feature the following tools have been updated:
      • dasdfmt
      • fdasd
      • dasdview
      • zipl
      • zipl dump tools
  • dasdfmt:
    • Add "--norecordzero" option: With this option the permission for the subsystem to format record zero is removed.
    • Add "--percentage" option: With this option one line for each formatted cylinder is printed showing the number of the cylinder and percentage of formatting process.
  • dasdview: Add "--characteristic" option
    • With this option a list of hardware specific DASD characteristics is shown. Currently only the encryption status is shown, this may be extended for future releases.
  • dump tools: Add support for "Automatic IPL after dump".
    • Kernels supporting the new shutdown action "dump_reipl" allow to specify a re-IPL device that should be used after dump. To exploit this feature the following tools have been updated:
      • zipl dump tools: Trigger IPL after dump, if specified.
      • zfcpdump: Trigger IPL after dump, if specified.
      • dumpconf: Allow to specify "dump_reipl" in case a kernel panic occurs.
  • lsluns: Add "--active" option
    • With this option all activated LUNs are shown. In addition LUN encryption information is provided.
  • qetharp, qethconf, osasnmpd and lsqeth:
    • Removed 2.4 supporting code.
  • tunedasd: Normalize profile data
    • Change the scaling of DASD profile data from binary to decimal shifting. Also print the scaling factor.
  • vmur: Add "--convert" option
    • With this option a VMDUMP file can be converted into the LKCD dump format while receiving it from the z/VM reader. LKCD dumps can be processed by the Linux dump analysis tools lcrash and crash.
  • ziomon: Add report utilities
    • New tools ziorep_config, ziorep_traffic and ziorep_utilization for performance data report generation are added.

Bug fixes

  • General:
    • Remove -s option from install sections in Makefiles.
      • Because the binaries have been stripped in the install step, the debug info was not available for rpmbuild. Therefore the "-s" option has been removed now.
    • Improve Linux Standard Base (LSB) compliance of init scripts.
  • chccwdev:
    • Suppress bash error message, if device is gone between test and read of online attribute. Exit with error if no device was found in a given range.
  • chccwdev, lscss, lstape:
    • Add missing "-v" and "-V" (lstape) options.
  • chchp:
    • Improve value checking.
  • dasdinfo:
    • Fix handling of new sysfs layout. Due to changes in the sysfs dasdinfo did not find a block device to a given busid. Changed dasdinfo to accept the new and the old sysfs layout.
  • lscss:
    • Do not print newline for availability attributes containing blanks.
  • tape390_display:
    • The command "tape390_display <message1> <message2> <node>" can cause message "stack smashing detected" if <message1> contains exactly eight characters. This stack overwrite has been fixed.
  • zipl dump tools:
    • The 31-bit dump tools did not update the address portion of the disabled wait psw with the error code. This omission has been fixed.
    • FBA dump tool can only dump up to 4GB. When dumping a Linux system with more than 4GB on a FBA disk, a corrupt dump is generated, where the first 4GB of memory are repeatedly dumped. The problem is that the dumper code uses two 32 bit instructions, where 64 bit instructions are required. To fix the problem 64 bit instructions are used now.