Kernel 2.6 based: October 2005 stream

2007-02-28 s390-tools 1.6.0 ("October 2005") superseded

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Category: operating system. Contains the source tree of a set of user space utilities that should to be used together with the Linux on System z kernel and device drivers.

s390-tools-1.6.0.tar.gz / MD5 recommended (2007-02-28) superseded

These s390-tools-1.6.0 (applicable for the "October 2005 stream") replace s390-tools-1.5.4.

New tools:

  • tape390_crypt: Tool to control and query crypto settings for 3592 zSeries tape devices.
  • mon_fsstatd: Daemon that writes filesystem utilization data to the z/VM monitor stream.
  • dumpconf: Allows to configure the dump device used for system dump in case a kernel panic occurs.
  • dasdinfo: Display unique DASD ID, either uid or volser.
  • 59-dasd.rules: udev rules for unique DASD device nodes created in /dev/disk/.

Changes of existing tools:

  • DASD/Tape dump tools:
    SCLP console support to show dump progress on the operator console.
  • zgetdump:
    New -d option to check if DASD is a valid dump device.
  • No more XML in zfcpdump:
    Because XML is going to be obsolete, we now use the binary parameter block provided by the hardware to find out on which scsi disk the dump should be created.
    Collect additional system information.
  • No libsysfs in DASD tools:
    It turned out that using libsysfs is less stable than using the sysfs attributes directly. Therefore the libsysfs dependency has been removed.
  • Removed '-c' option of lsqeth.
  • Unification of 'invalid option' error messages, Makefiles and "-v" output for all tools.