Kernel 2.6 based: April 2004 stream

2007-11-06 s390-tools 1.5.6 ("April 2004")

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Category: operating system. Contains the source tree of a set of user space utilities that should to be used together with the Linux on System z kernel and device drivers.

s390-tools-1.5.6.tar.gz / MD5 recommended (2007-11-06)

These s390-tools-1.5.6 with bug fixes (applicable for the "April 2004 stream") replace s390-tools-1.5.5.

Added new tools:

  • tape390_crypt: Tool to control and query crypto settings for IBM 3592 tape devices.
  • mon_statd (mon_procd and mon_fsstatd): Linux - z/VM monitoring daemons.

Changes of existing tools:

  • DASD/Tape dump tools: SCLP console support to show dump progress on the operator console.
  • DASD tools: Remove the libsysfs dependency. It turned out that using libsysfs is less stable than using the sysfs attributes directly.
  • dasdfmt and dasdview: Removed '-?' option.
  • lsqeth: Removed '-c' option.
  • zgetdump: New -d option to check if DASD is a valid dump device.
  • zfcpdump: Because XML is going to be obsolete, we now use the binary parameter block provided by the hardware to find out on which scsi disk the dump should be created.
  • All tools:
    • Use '-O3' compile option for all tools.
    • Unification of 'invalid option' error messages, Makefiles and '-v' output for all tools.