Kernel 2.6 based: October 2005 stream

2005-10-04 s390-tools 1.5.0 ("April 2004" and "October 2005") (superseded)

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Category: operating system. Contains the source tree of a set of user space utilities that should to be used together with the Linux on zSeries kernel and device drivers.

s390-tools-1.5.0.tar.gz / MD5 recommended (superseded) (2005-10-04)

These s390-tools-1.5.0 replace s390-tools-1.4.1.

Added new tool:

  • vmcp: tool for accessing the control program of z/VM using the kernel module 'vmcp'.
  • zfcpdbf: perl script to filter ZFCP debug (DBF) data.

Added new features for existing tools:

  • vmconvert: 64bit support.
    Enhance vmconvert that it can convert the new 64bit format z/VM dumps in addition to the old format dumps.
  • osasnmpd: implement long options.
    For for all options now also long options have been implemented using the "getopt_long" function.
  • dasdxxxx: DASD tool harmonization.
    Some changes are applied to dasdfmt, fdasd and dasdview either to make the syntax more common to other Linux tools or to introduce small enhancements to get better usability.
  • zfcpdump: Update SCSI System Dumper.
    Replaced the old Linux 2.4.19 kernel with Linux 2.6.12, and replaced e2fsprogs version 1.32 with version 1.37. The busybox will be removed completely, since the functionality provided by busybox will be implemented manually.
  • collect additional debug output.
    Fixed collection of s390dbf files which moved to debugfs. Changed behavior when trying to detect kernel-version.