2005-03-23 s390-tools 1.4.0 ("April 2004") (superseded)

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Category: operating system. Contains the source tree of a set of user space utilities that should to be used together with the Linux on zSeries kernel and device drivers.

s390-tools-1.4.0-april2004.tar.gz / MD5 recommended (superseded) (2005-03-23)

These s390-tools-1.4.0 replace s390-tools-1.3.4.

Added new tool:

Added new features for existing tools:

SCSI IPL and dump:
To be able to use SCSI ipl and dump (zipl/zfcpdump) appropriate enablement microcode (FC9904) is required.
SCSI IPL for Linux as a VM-guest requires z/VM Version 4 Release 4 (PTF UM30989 installed) or higher.

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