s390-tools 1.38.0

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This s390-tools 1.38.0 contains enhancements and bug-fixes; it replaces s390-tools 1.37.1.

2017-07-28 s390-tools 1.38.0 ("Development stream")

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s390-tools is a package with a set of user space utilities to be used with the Linux on System z distributions.

s390-tools-1.38.0.tar.bz2 / MD5 recommended (2017-07-28)

New tools

  • none

Changes to existing tools

  • chmem:
    • Try to online memory to zone movable.

      Starting with kernel 4.13 (commit f1dd2cd1), the default zone for hotplug memory is changed from zone movable to zone normal. In order to preserve the previous default behaviour, chmem will now always try to set memory online to the zone movable, before trying to set it online to the default zone.

  • fdasd:
    • Add new command action 'l' to list known partition types.
  • systemd:
    • Add new units for cpi, dumpconf, mon_fsstatd, and mon_procd.
  • zfcpdbf:
    • Print high part of 'new' 64 bit SCSI LUN.
    • Print payload with full FCP_RSP IU in SCSI trace records.

Bug fixes

  • chzdev:
    • Add implicit qeth layer settings handling.
  • lsqeth:
    • Fix attributes name: ipa -> ipa_takeover and parp -> rxip.
    • Fix lsqeth output of ipa/vipa/rxip addresses of interfaces.
  • qethqoat:
    • Fix OSA 6S detection.
  • zfcpdbf:
    • Fix payload length for zfcp_dbf_hba_bit_err.
  • zipl/zgetdump:
    • Add missing SCSI multipath dump information to man pages.