s390-tools 1.36.1

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This s390-tools 1.36.1 contains enhancements and bug-fixes; it replaces s390-tools 1.36.0.

2016-09-01 s390-tools 1.36.1 ("Development stream")

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s390-tools is a package with a set of user space utilities to be used with the Linux on System z distributions.

s390-tools-1.36.1.tar.bz2 / MD5 recommended (2016-09-01)

New tools

  • none

Changes to existing tools

  • zfcpdbf:
    • Support basic HBA record type without warning
    • Restore tracing of handle for port and LUN with HBA records
    • Print full payload for all SAN traces (req, resp, iels)
    • Print payload length everywhere applicable
    • Disambiguate printing of payload record contentFMake timestamp the first field in record output

Bug fixes

  • fdasd:
    • Prevent buffer overflow
  • znetconf:
    • Fix detection of chpids as OSX instead of OSM