s390-tools 1.25.0

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This s390-tools 1.25.0 contains enhancements and bug-fixes; it replaces s390-tools-1.24.1.

2014-05-23 s390-tools 1.25.0 ("Development stream")

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s390-tools is a package with a set of user space utilities to be used with the Linux on System z distributions.

s390-tools-1.25.0.tar.bz2 / MD5 recommended (2014-05-23)

New tools

  • chcpumf:
    • Use the chcpumf tool to control the sampling facility support.
  • lscpumf:
    • Use the lscpumf tool to display information about the CPU-measurement counter and sampling facilities.
  • systemd units for iucvtty and ttyrun:
    • Units for managing iucvtty instances and ttyrun

Changes to existing tools

  • hyptop:
    • Remove "minimum weight" attribute for z/VM
    • Add new field "Number of operating CPUs" (z/VM only)
    • Introduce per-CPU view for "sys" window (z/VM only)
  • lsqeth:
    • Support bridgeport related attributes
  • lszcrypt:
    • Support EP11 coprocessor cards

Bug fixes

  • lsqeth:
    • Fix card_type display for users lacking privileges
  • lsreipl:
    • Show 'fcp' instead of 'fcp_dump' for fcp re-IPL target
  • lstape/dumpconf:
    • Use '/bin/bash' instead of '/bin/sh'
  • qetharp:
    • Allow 16 character network interface names
  • qethqoat:
    • Check length of interface name parameter
  • zgetdump:
    • Use O_EXCL for --mount option
  • znetconf:
    • Allow 16 character network interface names also for '-r' option
  • zipl:
    • Fix potentially invalid last argument in kernel parameter line