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For information about the parallel file system IBM Spectrum Scale, see also:

OCFS2 Version 1.2 shared file system for Linux on IBM System z

Oracle Cluster File System Release 2 (OCFS2) is a shared file system in Linux that allows multiple users on physically separated servers to read and write to the same files on the same physical disks at the same time.

This paper studies the OCFS2 Version 1.2 file system distributed by Novell, with the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 10 SP1 on IBM z Systems. It provides insight for a customer who considers using the OCFS2 shared file system in an IBM z System environment.

These IBM z Systems features are discussed, in terms of how they relate to OCFS2:
  • Servers in LPARs
  • HiperSockets connections
  • Disk storage on large external storage units
Creation date
February 2010

Performance of Large Journaling File Systems

The paper investigates the performance of journaling files systems on Linux on z Systems using a large file system size of 1.6 TB.

The file systems tested are: EXT3 with and without directory index, ReiserFS v3, XFS, and as reference for a non-journaling file system, EXT2.

The paper first determines the best logical volume configuration and fail over mode for the environment. The various journaling file systems are then tested using sequential I/O and a workload emulating a file server workload.

Creation date
November 2007