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Open Source on IBM Z: Experiences with PostgreSQL on Linux on IBM Z (Webcast)

Live virtual class abstract

There is a huge momentum at Linux on IBM Z customers regarding Open Source solutions. Some customers are already running mission-critical solutions based on Open Source software on top of Linux, some are evaluating Open Source solutions for their projects, but virtually everybody is at least looking at them. This session introduces the PostgreSQL Open Source database, with a strong focus on how to performance-tune it. The audience will learn about the most important performance-related PostgreSQL settings, what to consider regarding typical production-related tasks like backup and restore, and how to design a high-performance PostgreSQL environment.

Creation date
March 2018

Oracle Database on Linux on System z - Disk I/O Connectivity Study

This study provides guidelines for disk configuration and tuning hints with regard to ECKD and FCP disk devices, and specifically for the Oracle standalone database using a transactional workload (OLTP) in an LPAR from z System 196 EC. It also compares the behavior of Oracle release 11g with release 10g.

The objective of this paper is to help you decide which disk type is appropriate and to describe how to optimize disk throughput rates.

Creation date
December 2012

BI Oracle Workloads

Many customers have successfully consolidated Oracle databases on the mainframe. Linux on z Systems provides the strategic platform for Oracle on the highly scalable servers of the IBM z Systems and zEnterprise. The consolidation of distributed Oracle servers explores a large potential for savings on software license cost and operational cost, such as service personnel, power, space, network cost, and air-condition.

This presentation addresses some of the architecture, services, pitfalls, and migration considerations, based on practical experience with large scale consolidations scenarios.

Creation date
November 2012

Oracle Real Application Clusters on Linux on IBM System z: Set up and network performance tuning

This paper presents building and running Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) 10g Release 2 on Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES 10) SP2 with an IBM System z10.

The paper describes the detailed system setup and several tests with various varying parameters to determine optimal values and performance trade-offs.

Creation date
April 2011

Performance considerations for databases on Linux on System z

Presentation abstract
  • Special kernel parameter settings
  • File system considerations
  • Database specific I/O options
  • Choice of I/O schedulers
  • ECKD and SCSI disks
  • Striped volumes with logical volume manager (LVM) and storage pool striping
  • Using the storage server with optimal response times
Creation date
June 2010

DB2 Database Partitioning for Linux on System z

This paper provides a set of guidelines for implementing a data warehouse on an IBM z System with IBM InfoSphere Warehouse, the Linux operating system, and IBM System Storage DS8300. It presents one particular System z9 implementation and provides performance results to illustrate the validity of the configuration. The paper also demonstrates how these guidelines are scalable to a System z10.

Creation date
November 2009

Performance of environments using DB2 Connect Enterprise Edition

DB2 Connect Enterprise Edition V9.1 for Linux on z Systems (DB2 Connect) connects LAN-based systems and their applications to the company's mainframe host DB2 databases. Additionally, DB2 Connect can be used in a three tier environment and can act as a gateway concentrating large numbers of SQL connections from various clients to a fewer, well-defined number of connections to the DB2 database on z/OS.

This paper shows the results from our performance measurements using DB2 Connect in a two and a three tier environment. The scaling behavior from DB2 Connect for for various numbers of CPUs and memory sizes was examined.

Additionally, this report focuses on the connection concentrator functions of DB2 Connect. This feature allows a controlled load on the database on z/OS from a DB2 Connect server.

Creation date
February 2008

Performance and scalability of a large OLTP workload with DB2 9 for Linux on System z

This paper demonstrates data server scalability for DB2 9 running on IBM z Systems with Linux.

The paper captures the best practices for deploying IBM DB2 9 for mission critical online transaction processing (OLTP) workloads in their product environment.

This paper shows that:
  • A high volume of transactions can be processed on a large database.
  • The database size can grow by a factor of six to approximately 1.4 TB with no marked performance change.
  • DB2 9 performs very well when running on a z Systems LPAR or under z/VM.
Creation date
December 2007

Performance of an Oracle 10g R2 Database Import Environment

This paper describes a specific customer setup of importing data into an Oracle 10g R2 database running Red Hat Linux under z/VM 5.3 on IBM z Systems. It compares the performance of the import process on System z9 with System z10.

We could show an improvement of a factor of two when migrating from System z9 to System z10. The factor of two is based on the compute intensive workload which was neither burdened by heavy network load nor by the storage server which handled the data rates of up to 250 MB/sec easily.

This very impressive result helps confirm that upgrading to the IBM System z10 significantly enhances the capabilities of enterprise IT customers.

Creation date

May 2009