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Updates for the "October 2005 stream".

"October 2005 stream" experimental downloads

This page contains experimental downloads for the kernel 2.6.16 based "October 2005 stream". Experimental patches were only tested to a very limited extent and should be used carefully.

As experimental patches are not part of the recommended patch-chain, they may not apply or not work correctly if applied on top of later "October 2005 stream" kernel.

When sufficient testing and code-reviews are complete, experimental patches will be superseded by recommended patches.

If you download any software from this web site please be aware of the Warranty Disclaimer and Limitation of Liabilities.

Warning: You may not use experimental patches on a production system or on any system that may get authority over a production system or access to data of a production system. Disregarding this warning may result in data loss.

Currently there are no experimental patches for the "October 2005 stream".

Superseded experimental downloads for "October 2005 stream"
Patch Downloads Description
Collaborative memory management stage II linux-2.6.16-s390-cmm2-v2-october2005.tar.gz / MD5 linux-2.6.16-s390-cmm2-v2 (2006-05-19) superseded by recommended add-on cmm2-patch
linux-2.6.16-s390-cmm2-october2005.tar.gz / MD5 linux-2.6.16-s390-cmm2 (2006-03-28) superseded
DASD extended error reporting linux-2.6.16-s390-eer-october2005.tar.gz / MD5 linux-2.6.16-s390-eer (2006-03-28) superseded by recommended patch (since patch 04)

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