LVM multipath support patches

2004-04-27 multipath support v7 for lvm 1.0.6 - experimental

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This experimental patch provides multipath support v7 for LVM 1.0.6:

This patch replaces the 2003-07-25 experimental patch and contains the following bug fix:

LVM causes kernel oops after vgreduce.
Segmentation fault in 'lvdisplay -v' after 'vgreduce' of a PV that is not the last PV in the VG.
Moving PV pointers in lvm_do_vg_reduce invalidates PV index in LE map of LVs.
Do not move pointers but set the pointer of the removed PV to NULL and handle holes in the array.

To create the complete source, the following needs to be applied in sequence:

lvm_1.0.6.tar.gz (from
+ lvm-1.0.6-mp-v7-5.tar.gz

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