2006-12-01 kernel 2.6.5 feature patch 42 ("April 2004")

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linux-2.6.5-s390-42-april2004.tar.gz / MD5 ... accumulated patch, recommended (2006-12-01)

linux-2.6.5-s390-42-april2004-patches.tar.gz / MD5 ... single patches, recommended (2006-12-01)

This patch contain the following linux kernel features:

dasd (new function): DIAG250 64 bit support.
The DIAG250 64 bit support enables access to DASD disks using the DIAG250 access method on 64 bit z/VM systems that support this feature.
dasd (new function): New DASD feature for ERP related logging.
It is now possible to enable/disable ERP related logging without re-compile and re-IPL. An additional sysfs-attribute 'erplog' allows to switch the logging non-interruptive.
kernel (new function): Hypervisor filesystem 's390_hypfs'.
This new virtual filesystem is used to access PR/SM LPAR Hypervisor performance data returned by DIAG 204. Information about physical and logical CPUs is provided. All data is put into different virtual files which can be accessed from user space. All values are represented as ASCII strings.
zfcp (new function): Performance statistics.
Add statistics interface and make use of it in the zfcp driver to gather performance data.

Everybody should apply this patch.

To create the complete linux kernel sources, the following patches need to be applied in sequence:

linux-2.6.5.tar.gz (see www.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/v2.6)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-base-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-01-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ xipfs612 (see linuxvm.org/patches/index.html)
+ xipfs622 (see linuxvm.org/patches/index.html)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-02-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-03-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ single threaded workqueue patch (see marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=bk-commits-head&m=108305028322900&q=raw)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-04-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-05-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-06-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-07-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-08-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-09-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-10-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-11-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-12-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-13-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-14-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-15-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-16-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-17-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-18-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-19-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-20-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-21-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-22-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-23-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-24-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-25-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-26-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-27-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-28-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-29-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-30-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-31-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-32-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-33-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-34-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-35-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-36-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-37-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-38-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-39-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-40-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-41-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-42-april2004.diff (IBM)

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