2005-05-13 kernel 2.6.5 bug fix patch 19 ("April 2004")

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linux-2.6.5-s390-19-april2004.tar.gz / MD5 ... accumulated patch, recommended (2005-05-13)

linux-2.6.5-s390-19-april2004-patches.tar.gz / MD5 ... per-problem-patches, recommended (2005-05-13)

These patches contain the following linux kernel bug fixes:

kernel: ptrace peek and poke interface.
ptrace poke on a 64 bit system on acrs[15] or fpc register can crash the kernel.
The special cases of peek and poke on acrs[15] and the fpc register are not handled correctly. A poke on acrs[15] will clobber the 4 bytes after the access registers in the thread_info structure. That happens to be the kernel stack pointer. A poke on the fpc with an invalid value is not caught by the validity check correctly. On the next context switch the broken fpc value will cause a program check in the kernel.
Correctly handle the special cases for acrs[15] and fpc.
applicable for 64-bit Linux, only
kernel: user access context check.
Console message "bad: scheduling while atomic!".
A kernel compiled with preemption sometimes prints a message on the console about bad scheduling. That happens if the interrupted context was disabled for preemption. The check for no context in do_exception on checks for hard and soft interrupts by using in_interrupt() but not for preemption.
Use in_atomic() instead of in_interrupt() in do_exception. in_atomic checks for disabled preemption as well.
qeth: dhcp does not work with qdio HSTR (high speed token ring).
dhcp client does not get IP configuration data from the dhcp server, when qeth runs in layer 3 mode.
Fake_ll is not implemented for HSTR. Token ring packages got leading ethernet header, which was not correct.
Implement fake_ll for HSTR. Now all token ring packages get a faked token ring header.

Everybody should apply this patch.

To create the complete linux kernel sources, the following patches need to be applied in sequence:

linux-2.6.5.tar.gz (see www.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/v2.6)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-base-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-01-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ xipfs612 (see linuxvm.org/patches/index.html)
+ xipfs622 (see linuxvm.org/patches/index.html)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-02-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-03-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ single threaded workqueue patch (see marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=bk-commits-head&m=108305028322900&q=raw)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-04-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-05-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-06-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-07-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-08-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-09-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-10-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-11-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-12-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-13-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-14-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-15-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-16-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-17-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-18-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-19-april2004.diff (IBM)

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