2004-11-30 kernel 2.6.5 feature patch 11 ("April 2004")

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linux-2.6.5-s390-11-april2004.tar.gz / MD5 ... accumulated patch, recommended (2004-11-30)

linux-2.6.5-s390-11-april2004-patches.tar.gz / MD5 ... single patches, recommended (2004-11-30)

These patches contain the following linux kernel features:

New device driver: CTCMPC
The CTCMPC driver implements CommServer SNA MPC connectivity.
Dasd new function: Added 2107 and 1750 CU-types.
The DASD driver now tolerates the new Control-Unit-types (CUs) introduced by the DS6000 and DS8000 storage server family. The new CU-types 2107/1750 are handled the same way as CU-type 2105 and there is no additional feature / ERP handling related to these CUs.
Dasd new function: fixed I/O buffers.
This feature limits the number of pages referred by channel programs. It can be enabled by using a new keyword 'fixedbuffers' on the 'dasd=...' parameter. Example: dasd=0.0.7000-0.0.7002,fixedbuffers When the new feature is enabled it applies to all ECKD and FBA disks, but not to disks that are accessed using the DIAG discipline. To check whether the parameter was recognized correctly you can check the boot messages. When the fixed I/O buffers were enabled successfully you will find the following line in the log: dasd_devmap: turning on fixed buffer mode.

Please refer to the How to enable fixed I/O buffers for DASD I/O - kernel 2.6 page of the Tuning hints & tips for requirements and how-to-use information.

Everybody should apply this patch.

To create the complete linux kernel sources, the following patches need to be applied in sequence:

linux-2.6.5.tar.gz (see www.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/v2.6)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-base-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-01-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ xipfs612 (see linuxvm.org/patches/index.html)
+ xipfs622 (see linuxvm.org/patches/index.html)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-02-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-03-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ single threaded workqueue patch (see marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=bk-commits-head&m=108305028322900&q=raw)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-04-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-05-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-06-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-07-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-08-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-09-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-10-april2004.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.5-s390-11-april2004.diff (IBM)

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