2006-05-19 kernel 2.6.16 feature patch 04 ("October 2005")

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linux-2.6.16-s390-04-october2005.tar.gz / MD5 ... accumulated patch, recommended (2006-05-19)

linux-2.6.16-s390-04-october2005-patches.tar.gz / MD5 ... single patches, recommended (2006-05-19)

This patch contains the following linux kernel feature:

dasd new function: DASD extended error reporting.
The DASD extended error reporting is a facility that allows to get detailed information about certain problems in the DASD I/O.
This information can be used to implement fail-over applications that can recover these problems.
Note: This patch replaces the 2006-03-28 experimental patch linux-2.6.16-s390-eer-october2005.

Everybody should apply this patch.

To create the complete linux kernel sources, the following patches need to be applied in sequence:

linux-2.6.16.tar.gz (from http://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/v2.6)
+ linux-2.6.16-s390-base-october2005.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.16-s390-01-october2005.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.16-s390-02-october2005.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.16-s390-03-october2005.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.16-s390-04-october2005.diff (IBM)

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