2006-11-17 kernel 2.6.16 feature patch 10 ("October 2005")

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linux-2.6.16-s390-10-october2005.tar.gz / MD5 ... accumulated patch, recommended (2006-11-17)

linux-2.6.16-s390-10-october2005-patches.tar.gz / MD5 ... single patches, recommended (2006-11-17)

This patch contain the following linux kernel features:

cio (new function): Channel path measurements.
Provides channel path measurements and channel path measurement characteristics per channel path.
dasd (new function): Add PAV support to the dasd driver.
Add support for Parallel-Access-Volumes (PAV) to the dasd driver. This allows concurrent access to dasd devices with multiple channel programs.
Note that this support is new for running Linux on an LPAR. Linux running as a guest under z/VM already has this support.
kernel (new function): Character device driver for writing z/VM monitor records.
This feature provides an interface which allows applications to write application-specific monitor data (APPLDATA) to the z/VM monitor stream.
kernel (new function): Directed yield of spinlocks.
Use the new diagnose 0x9c in the spinlock implementation to yield the remaining timeslice of the virtual CPU that tries to acquire a lock to the virtual CPU that is the current holder of the lock. That reduces the amount of CPU time that is spent in the spinlock loop for contended locks.
Using this support requires IBM System z9 and z/VM 5.2 with PTF for APAR VM63952.
See "Guest support for the Signal Processor (SIGP) instruction Conditional-Emergency-Signal and Sense-Running-Status orders" in z/VM IBM U.S. Software Announcement Letter 206-084 "IBM z/VM V5.2 - New function added in support of IBM System z9".
kernel (new function): Enhancement of the APPLDATA modules.
Added two new fields to the appldata_os record, steal time and CPU ID. The steal time reports the time stolen by hypervisor scheduling and the CPU ID fixes a problem which occured with CPU hotplug and the per-CPU data in the appldata_os record. Also introduced an asm header that contains the data structures and the inline assembly for the appldata diag interface.
kernel (new function): Hypervisor filesystem 's390_hypfs'.
This new virtual filesystem is used to access PR/SM LPAR Hypervisor performance data returned by DIAG 204. For example, information about physical and logical CPUs are provided. All data is put into different virtual files which can be accessed from user space. All values are represented as ASCII strings.
tape (new function): 3592 tape device support.
Add 3592 device and CU number to list of managed devices and clean up some code.
With this support, Linux handles tape units with device type 3592 in the same manner as 3590 devices.
zcrypt (new function): Crypto device driver zcrypt.
Replace z90crypt with a new, re-designed crypto device driver called zcrypt.
zcrypt features: Note that only 'secure key cryptographic functions' is new compared to the existing z90crypt support.

Everybody should apply this patch.

To create the complete linux kernel sources, the following patches need to be applied in sequence:

linux-2.6.16.tar.gz (from http://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/v2.6)
+ linux-2.6.16-s390-base-october2005.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.16-s390-01-october2005.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.16-s390-02-october2005.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.16-s390-03-october2005.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.16-s390-04-october2005.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.16-s390-05-october2005.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.16-s390-06-october2005.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.16-s390-07-october2005.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.16-s390-08-october2005.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.16-s390-09-october2005.diff (IBM)
+ linux-2.6.16-s390-10-october2005.diff (IBM)

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