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2003-06-30 kernel 2.4.21 kerntypes patch ("June 2003")

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linux-2.4.21-s390-kerntypes-june2003.tar.gz / MD5 recommended (2003-06-30)

Release note:

This patch contains a dummy module that includes headers for all kernel types that the dump analysis tool lcrash needs. The kernel type information (Kerntypes) is used as input by the lcrash utility when analyzing system crash dumps or the live system. After this patch has been applied at kernel build time an unique identifier is added to, Kerntypes and image which allows lcrash to check, whether the three files fit together or not.

The dummy module is built together with the kernel image or simply with: 'make Kerntypes'.

To create the complete kernel sources, apply all IBM kernel 2.4.21 patches on top of linux-2.4.21.tar.gz (see and as last patch:

+ linux-2.4.21-s390-kerntypes-june2003.diff (IBM)

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