Kernel 4.3

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Kernel downloads for the "Development stream"

Download Description
upstream kernel 4.3 kernel 4.3 - upstream with feature descriptions.
linux-4.3-s390-message-catalog.tar.gz / MD5 "Development Stream" kernel 4.3 - message-catalog (optional)

2016-02-02: kernel 4.3 - upstream (feature description)

To download the linux-4.3.tar.gz visit:

The upstream kernel 4.3 contains the following functionality developed by the Linux on z Systems development team:

With this feature, you can use NUMA emulation to automatically assign system memory and CPUs to logical NUMA nodes.
'Fake NUMA' or 'NUMA emulation' distributes the available memory to logical NUMA nodes without using real topology information about the physical memory of the machine. Splitting the system memory into multiple nodes replicates the memory management structures for each node. Particularly each node has its own 'mm locks' and its own "kswapd" task. Especially for large systems this can result in improved system performance and latency.

Enable magic sysrequests on the SCLP VT220 console.
With this enhancement, you can issue magic sysrequests on the SCLP VT220 console. To issue a magic sysrequest, press CTRL-o followed by the magic sysrequest function. Pressing Ctrl-o twice sends Ctrl-o to the terminal.

Enable Linux to properly log FICON Link-Incident-Records.
A hardware problem on a FICON link is reported by the Channel Subsystem to the operating system via a Link Incident Record (LIR). In response, the operating system should issue a message that enables hardware service personnel to identify and repair the failing component. Current Linux LIR handling is broken because LIR data is incorrectly interpreted and no log message is generated.
This change fixes Linux LIR handling by implementing a new log message for LIRs indicating a degraded or non-operational link. Also LIRs are no longer used to deactivate channel paths because the available data does not reliably allow to determine the affected channel path.

2016-02-02: "Development Stream" kernel 4.3 message catalog (feature - optional patch)

linux-4.3-s390-message-catalog.tar.gz / MD5 ... recommended (2016-02-02)

This patch contains:

Kernel message catalog.
Add support for automatic message tags to the printk macro families dev_xyz and pr_xyz. The message tag consists of a component name and a 24 bit hash of the message text. For each message that is documented in the included kernel message catalog a man page can be created with a script (which is included in the patch). The generated man pages contain explanatory text that is intended to help understand the messages.

Note that only s390 specific messages are prepared appropriately and included in the generated message catalog.

This patch is optional as it is very unlikely to be accepted in upstream kernel, but is recommended for all distributions which are built based on the 'Development stream'.