Kernel 3.14

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Kernel downloads for the "Development stream"

Download Description
upstream kernel 3.14 kernel 3.14 - upstream with feature descriptions.
linux-3.14-s390-message-catalog.tar.gz / MD5 "Development Stream" kernel 3.14 - message-catalog (optional)

2014-09-19: kernel 3.14 - upstream (feature description)

To download the linux-3.14.tar.gz visit:

The upstream kernel 3.14 contains the following functionality developed by the Linux on System z development team:

Support the CPU-measurement sampling facility
With support for the CPU-measurement sampling facility, introduced for System z10 in October 2008, you can use the perf program to obtain performance data for Linux in LPAR mode. This support is available for Linux in LPAR mode only. With lscpumf and chcpumf, provided with the upgraded s390-tools package, information about CPU-measurement facilities can be displayed.
See Device Drivers, Features, and Commands, Chapter 'Using the CPU-measurement facilities'.

qeth: Bridge HiperSockets to Ethernet
Means to configure a HiperSocket port to accept Ethernet frames to unknown MAC, for use as a member of a software bridge. Introduces sysfs attributes to control and report bridgeport status of a HiperSocket port and udev events to report changes.
Can only be used on HiperSocket hardware that supports the"bridgeport" feature.
See Device Drivers, Features, and Commands, Chapter 'qeth device driver'.

qeth: Accurate ethtool Output
Use hardware command to find the characteristics of the Ethernet connection (speed, duplex mode etc.) of an OSA port. Makes the kernel handler of the ETHTOOL_GSET ioctl use the hardware facility to find the characteristics of the port on supported OSA devices.

Added support for the generic cryptographic device driver (zcrypt) to service EP11 (PKCS#11) requests.
This feature extends the generic cryptographic device driver (zcrypt) with a new capability to service EP11 requests for the Crypto Express4S card (and successor models) in EP11(Enterprise PKCS#11) coprocessor mode.
The lszcrypt command provides support for Crypto Express 4S in EP11 coprocessor mode, via upgraded s390-tools package,
See Device Drivers, Features, and Commands, Chapter 'Generic cryptographic device driver' or new within a new book: Exploiting Enterprise PKCS #11 using openCryptoki 3.1

Extending opencryptoki with a new token to exploit PKCS#11 hardware cryptographic functions
This feature extends openCryptoki with a new token (EP11 token) that exploits special hardware cryptographic functions that are provided by the IBM Crypto Express adapter CEX4S (in EP11 coprocessor mode). The EP11 cryptography architecture offers a secure key infrastructure.
See new book: Exploiting Enterprise PKCS #11 using openCryptoki 3.1.

2014-09-19: "Development Stream" kernel 3.14 message catalog (feature - optional patch)

linux-3.14-s390-message-catalog.tar.gz / MD5 ... recommended (2014-09-19)

This patch contains:

Kernel message catalog.
Add support for automatic message tags to the printk macro families dev_xyz and pr_xyz. The message tag consists of a component name and a 24 bit hash of the message text. For each message that is documented in the included kernel message catalog a man page can be created with a script (which is included in the patch). The generated man pages contain explanatory text that is intended to help understand the messages.

Note that only s390 specific messages are prepared appropriately and included in the generated message catalog.

This patch is optional as it is very unlikely to be accepted in upstream kernel, but is recommended for all distributions which are built based on the 'Development stream'.