Kernel 3.1

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Kernel downloads for the "Development stream"

Download Description
upstream kernel 3.1 kernel 3.1 - upstream with feature descriptions.
linux-3.1-s390-message-catalog.tar.gz / MD5 "Development Stream" kernel 3.1 - message-catalog (optional)

2011-11-30: kernel 3.1 - upstream (feature description)

To download the linux-3.1.tar.gz visit:

Since kernel 2.6.35, no more kernel kerntypes-patches (required for work with lcrash, from lkcdutils/LKCD) are provided: Use crash instead of lcrash.

The upstream kernel 3.1 contains the following functionality developed by the Linux on System z development team:

dasd: extended statistics for PAV and HPF
This feature extends the DASD statistics to allow for a more detailed analysis of DASD I/O operations, in particular to provide answers to the following questions:
  • How many requests used a PAV alias?
  • How many requests used High Performance FICON?
  • How do read requests perform versus write requests?

To overcome the shortcomings of the existing interface in /proc/dasd/statistics this feature adds a new, more detailed and easy to parse DASD statistics interface in debugfs.

The dasdstat tool (new in s390-tools 1.16) provides the user interface for this kernel feature.

See Device Drivers, Features, and Commands, Chapter "DASD device driver", section "Working with DASD statistics in debugfs".

kernel: Add support for IBM zEnterprise 114
Fix the Kconfig description and the elf platform for zEnterprise 114 machines.

2011-11-30: "Development Stream" kernel 3.1 message catalog (feature - optional patch)

linux-3.1-s390-message-catalog.tar.gz / MD5 ... recommended (2011-11-30)

This patch contains:

Kernel message catalog.
Add support for automatic message tags to the printk macro families dev_xyz and pr_xyz. The message tag consists of a component name and a 24 bit hash of the message text. For each message that is documented in the included kernel message catalog a man page can be created with a script (which is included in the patch). The generated man pages contain explanatory text that is intended to help understand the messages.

Note that only s390 specific messages are prepared appropriately and included in the generated message catalog.

This patch is optional as it is very unlikely to be accepted in upstream kernel, but is recommended for all distributions which are built based on the 'Development stream'.