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2003-06-30 gdb 5.3 patch ("June 2003")

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gdb-5.3-s390-june2003.tar.gz / MD5 recommended (2003-06-30)

Category application development tool. Contains the GNU debugger. It can be used as an interactive symbolic debugger as well as a post-mortem debugger.

This patch is equivalent to gdb-5.3-s390-may2002 and contains the following debugger bug fixes:

Backtraces do not work in gcc 3.x optimized code
When debugging code compiled with gcc 3.x and optimization switched on, stack backtraces do not work.
The gdb function prolog parser is confused by gcc 3.x generated code.
Use DWARF-2 CFI data when present (gcc 3.3) to perform backtraces; for gcc 3.2 use an improved prolog parser.
The gdb commands print and call don't work properly on Linux for zSeries.
Several testcases for the gdb commands print and call of the gdb regression test suite fail on Linux for zSeries.
The gdb source code does not implement the Linux for zSeries ELF ABI correctly
Fix the ELF ABI implementation bugs.

Note: This patch changes gdb common code in a manner that might cause problems for other platforms. Use the debugger sources created by appyling this patch only to build a debugger for the s390 or s390x architectures.

To create the complete debugger sources, the following patches need to be applied in sequence:

gdb-5.3.tar.bz2 (GNU)
+ gdb-5.3-s390-june2003.diff (IBM)

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