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This 'Development stream' Docker-page describes Linux on z Systems contributions to Docker.


Docker is a tool for deploying, executing and managing containers.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 officially supports Docker and provides Docker binaries.

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS provides Docker binaries for Ubuntu through the package in the universe archive.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Version 7 Docker binaries for Linux on z Systems are provided by IBM.

The code on this page may be discontinued at any time.


Download the archive for your distribution. Compute the checksum using sha1sum <filename> and compare against the checksum listed below in the Download section.
Unpack the archive using tar xzvf <filename>. Copy the docker binary into a location that is included in your $PATH variable, such as /usr/local/bin. Please make sure you are on the latest devicemapper level. On SLES, make sure you have apparmor installed (e.g. 'zypper install patterns-sles-apparmor').

When using docker-1.9.1, you might run into the following problem (see also GitHub Docker issue 16256):

# docker run -ti busybox bash -c echo
Error response from daemon: Cannot start container 2a75e7f24cdc1205601cecae5519dc643947bac10fbfdf2b62fcb4c70122e412: [8] System error: open /sys/fs/cgroup/devices/system.slice/docker-2a75e7f24cdc1205601cecae5519dc643947bac10fbfdf2b62fcb4c70122e412.scope/cgroup.procs: no such file or directory

As a workaround you can use the --exec-opt native.cgroupdriver=cgroupfs option when starting the Docker daemon:

# docker daemon --exec-opt native.cgroupdriver=cgroupfs

Download for the current Docker package

Note: There are no binaries provided for SLES and Ubuntu as docker packages are provided through these distributions.

Date Title Package Download Link
2017-05-29 Docker 17.05.0-ce for RHEL7.3 docker-17.05.0-ce-rhel7.3-20170523.tar.gz
SHA1: a4ce6eeafc4a360bdc2bd2e1879de15436cc0212

Download for the archived Docker package

Date Title Package Download Link
2016-07-05 Docker 1.11.2 for RHEL7.2 docker-1.11.2-rhel7.2-20160623.tar.gz
SHA1: b478208c2fffaadb63f37b23f0bb2a747ce32dfc
2016-04-12 Docker 1.10.1 for RHEL7.2 docker-1.10.1-rhel7.2-20160408.tar.gz
SHA1: 05fec3870ecfab40b93cff81cf79403111b8d22d
2015-12-08 Docker 1.9.1 for SLES12 docker-1.9.1-sles12-20151127.tar.gz
SHA1: c4cb57e573c416d05b8f0e99e1d4c39fd2da227f
2015-12-08 Docker 1.9.1 for RHEL7.1 docker-1.9.1-rhel7.1-20151205.tar.gz
SHA1: 5ce93d0434eff9d8ee6a1a5f8dc5a5795c75ccbd
2015-10-30 Docker 1.8.3 for RHEL7.1 docker-1.8.3-rhel7.1-20151027.tar.gz
SHA1: 890de119ac6b7ce1776e9f667973a009211be3a8
2015-10-30 Docker 1.8.3 for SLES12 docker-1.8.3-sles12-20151027.tar.gz
SHA1: 460590413ebe5ba7b5b62dcb8fc09566825b1bbe
2015-10-02 Docker 1.8.2 for RHEL7.1 docker-1.8.2-rhel7.1-20150929.tar.gz
SHA1: f19d97c6adc8e1f4db8cf156dd33d1daa2491bc2
2015-10-02 Docker 1.8.2 for SLES12 docker-1.8.2-sles12-20150930.tar.gz
SHA1: 2cc60b3f27422c20798048f62bac3dffa94709ce
2015-05-13 Docker 1.6.0 for RHEL7 docker-rhel7-20150509.tar.gz
SHA1: ea1eebfb02d8620bfd23dd01c5d93f451970ea37
2015-05-13 Docker 1.6.0 for SLES12 docker-sles12-20150507.tar.gz
SHA1: 9bf588489e90df4952f013dbac26da7d6e12f2f0
2015-03-25 Docker 1.4.1 for RHEL7 docker-rhel7-20150324.tar.gz
SHA1: 627600ec9ce3f8fe1aaffa21e8896480270d7f17
2015-03-25 Docker 1.4.1 for SLES12 docker-sles12-20150324.tar.gz
SHA1: b9852b1e2ef4a4626f813dadfd8fb37136fd8871
2015-03-05 Docker 1.4.1 for RHEL7 docker-rhel7-20150302.tar.gz
SHA1: 20de8b71dba231dafd07ef32c9b186a05e57b7de
2015-03-05 Docker 1.4.1 for SLES12 docker-sles12-20150304.tar.gz
SHA1: aa1859739025f0ba26fbaf78c2ebc159cdd4a026