Development stream - Technical Details


The following applies to latest "Development stream", currently based on kernel 4.11.

Supported Platforms and Environments

IBM support is available for

for Linux on z Systems™ running:

The Announcement for the z13 includes a re-branding of 'IBM System z®' to 'IBM z Systems®', which renames 'Linux on System z' to 'Linux on z Systems'.

Linux on System z and Linux on z Systems are used synonymously to refer to Linux running on an IBM mainframe system, including zSeries mainframes in 64- and 31-bit mode.

Starting with the kernel 2.6.27 based 'Development stream', IBM supports only distributions compiled with march=z9-109, so that Linux on z Systems can benefit from the compiler enhancements exploiting z9 instructions.

IBM supports only 64-bit distributions based on this stream; 31-bit applications are supported on the 31-bit emulation layer.

Hardware and Software Requirements

Supported Functionality

Kernel (general)


Contact the IBM team

If you want to contact the Linux on z Systems IBM team refer to the Contact the Linux on z Systems IBM team page.

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