"April 2004 stream" EXPERIMENTAL downloads

No Linux kernel 2.6.5 experimental downloads available.

Please refer to the Restrictions page for restricted and experimental functionality.

Experimental code drops only have limited testing and may not be installed or function in all environments. These patches need not be compatible with other patches on developerWorks for Linux for S/390 and zSeries either.

The purpose of experimental code drops is early publication of on-going efforts at IBM to allow for

This page may also be used to "submit" code into the development streams of open source projects.

Warning: You may not use experimental patches on a production system or on any system that may get authority over a production system or access to data of a production system. Disregarding this rule may result in severe data loss.

Experimental patches eventually disappear as they will be included in a following release unless proven wrong or replaced by better code.

Experimental downloads for "April 2004 stream"
Date Component Downloadable
2004-04-27 exp. kernel kernel 2.6.5 s390 exp oprofile (superseded)
kernel 2.6.5 s390 exp in-kernel-crypto (superseded)

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