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Application Integration (applint) is a technology study for use on zEnterprise (z196, z114), integrating x86 environments running on zBX into Linux on System z. With the technology, you can manage and exploit the integrated x86 Linux applications from within Linux on System z. The technology reduces the complexity of such a hybrid environment by presenting all applications as running on a single system.

You can monitor application processes from Linux on System z, while the application itself runs in an unchanged Red Hat or SUSE Linux x86 environment. Network and file systems are integrated for seamless exchange of data. Log files and software package management is centralized on Linux on System z.

Be aware that this is a technology study provided to seek early user feedback. Some restrictions may apply. See the readme file in the package. The technology study may be updated or discontinued at any time. There is no formal support statement for this technology study.

If you have questions or should you be interested in formal support, please contact:

This userid is monitored on a best can do basis.

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Version 0.3-34.1 of applint replaces the initial version and provides enhancements and bugfixes, including generation of meta-rpms of x86 rpms with unconventional naming.

Date Component Download-link
2012-01-18 applint 0.3-34.1 for RHEL6.1, s390x applint-0.3-34.1.rhel6.1.s390x.rpm / MD5
2012-01-18 applint 0.3-34.1 for RHEL6.1, x86 applint-0.3-34.1.rhel6.1.x86_64.rpm / MD5
2012-01-18 applint 0.3-34.1 for SLES11 SP1, s390x applint-0.3-34.1.sles11.1.s390x.rpm / MD5
2012-01-18 applint 0.3-34.1 for SLES11 SP1, x86 applint-0.3-34.1.sles11.1.x86_64.rpm / MD5
2011-12-09 Documentation for applint 0.2-33 Integrating applications with Linux on zEnterprise - SC34-2608-00 (PDF, 0.4MB) - December 2011

Archive: Links to previous applint packages

Date Component Download-link
2011-12-09 applint 0.2-33 for RHEL6.1, s390x applint-0.2-33.rhel6.1.s390x.rpm / MD5
2011-12-09 applint 0.2-33 for RHEL6.1, x86 applint-0.2-33.rhel6.1.x86_64.rpm / MD5
2011-12-09 applint 0.2-33 for SLES11 SP1, s390x applint-0.2-33.sles11.1.s390x.rpm / MD5
2011-12-09 applint 0.2-33 for SLES11 SP1, x86 applint-0.2-33.sles11.1.x86_64.rpm / MD5