ISV solution ecosystem for Hortonworks on IBM Power Systems

Enhance Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) with a variety of ISV solution capabilities


Independent software vendor (ISV) data-related solutions commonly integrate with big data environments (for example, Apache Hadoop or Spark) to leverage data or analytic processing power. Many data software solutions provide a unique value-add by enhancing or augmenting Hadoop capabilities. The capabilities of the solutions span a broad spectrum of features such as facilitating fast data ingestion, improving data quality, moving data within a larger data lake environment, or accessing Hadoop data for analysis and visualization within existing BI dashboards and reports. Some solutions are designed to simply connect to Hadoop environments while others are architected to run directly on one or more of the Hadoop nodes (for example, management, data, or edge nodes).

This article documents a set of ISV data-related solutions that integrate with HDP running on Linux® on IBM® Power Systems™. The solutions listed here are those that IBM or the ISV has tested and do not represent all solutions available for this environment. As this ecosystem of solutions grows over time, this article will be updated on a regular basis.

ISV solutions that connect to HDP

Each of the following use cases show at least one ISV solution that provides the necessary capabilities. The solutions in this section are configured to connect to HDP running on Linux on Power, but don't run their software on the HDP cluster.

Advanced analytics solutions

The following use case (listed in Table 1) augment HDP by providing some form of advanced analytics capabilities.

Use case: Access data in HDP for use in analytics

This is useful to extend existing analytics environment on Power Systems to leverage data in HDP.

Table 1: Solutions that access data in HDP for use in analytics

SolutionTested byReferenceISV website
SAP HANA with SAP HANA Spark ControllerIBM with assistance from SAPSAP HANA and Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) integration with SAP HANA Spark Controller running on IBM Power Systems
Base SAS with SAS/ACCESS Interface for Hadoop
IBM with assistance from SASSAS software with Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) running on IBM POWER8

Business intelligence solutions

The following use case (listed in Table 2) augments HDP by providing business intelligence capabilities such as data visualization, reporting, or dashboards.

Use case: Access data in HDP and visualize

Table 2: Solutions that access data in HDP and visualize

SolutionTested byISV website
Qlik SenseIBM with assistance from Qlik
Tableau ServerIBM

Enterprise data warehouse (EDW) and extract, transform, and load (ETL) solutions

The following use cases (listed in Table 3) augment HDP by providing enterprise data warehouse capabilities.

Table 3: Solutions that connect or move data in various data sources to HDP

Use caseSolutionTested byReference
Accelerate data replication with agentless bulk and incremental loading (with change data capture) of data from Oracle database on IBM AIX, or other supported data sources, into Hive in HDP Attunity ReplicateIBM with assistance from Attunity Demo
ISV website
Connect data between data sources on AIX and HDPProgress DataDirectProgressISV website
Move and bulk load of data from Oracle database on AIX into HDP Oracle 12c Instant Client and Apache SqoopIBMISV website
Move data from many heterogeneous data sources to HDPVeristorm vStorm Enterprise
IBM with assistance from VeristormISV website
Extract data from a supported data source, transform it, and load it into HDPPaxata Adaptive Information PlatformPaxataISV website

Security solutions

The following use case augments HDP by providing security capabilities.

Use case: Encrypt and protect data on HDP data nodes

Zettaset Big Data Encryption Suite:


There are many ISV solutions that support Hadoop and integrate with HDP regardless of the platform on which HDP runs. These solutions can be used in production environments today with HDP running on Linux on Power. As we test specific solutions across a number of use cases, we will update this article so you know which solutions we've actually tested. In addition, there are other solutions that run natively on the HDP cluster and need to be tested or ported to work with HDP on IBM Power Systems. We continue to work with many partners to complete this work and will document those solutions in this article as the ecosystem grows.

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