Managing ezines with JavaMail and XSLT, Part 2

Use XML and XSLT to automatically produce both plain text and HTML newsletters

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Benoit Marchal

Date archived: December 6, 2016 | Last updated: October 27, 2010|First published: April 01, 2001

In the conclusion of his series, Benoît Marchal demonstrates how to automate e-mail publishing chores with Java and XML. This concrete application of XML and XSLT describes an e-mail newsletter (e-zine) publishing application that outputs both HTML and plain text e-mail messages. Five reusable code samples include a Java program to send e-mails using JavaMail, an XSLT style sheet to convert the DocBook sample introduced in Part 1 to HTML, a Java configuration handler (in the form of a SAX ContentHandler), and the Java code that puts it all together in a multistepped transformation.

This content is no longer being updated or maintained. The full article is provided "as is" in a PDF file. Given the rapid evolution of technology, some steps and illustrations may have changed.

ArticleTitle=Managing ezines with JavaMail and XSLT, Part 2