Trigger keyboard and mouse actions with your voice and xdotool

Get keystrokes when you combine voice input with the xdotool library

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Colin Beckingham

Date archived: May 13, 2019 | First published: September 06, 2011

xdotool is a helpful library of instructions that allows programmers to emulate keystrokes and mouse actions. The particular strength of the tool comes when the keyboard or mouse is absent or in accessibility situations where the user is not physically able to employ regular input methods. This article has two goals—first, to provide an introduction to the use of xdotool in a Linux® desktop environment, and second, to use voice input to trigger actions typically done through hardware input. A concluding example uses XML to store xdotool-oriented code fragments for insertion into auto-generated dialog manager code.

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ArticleTitle=Trigger keyboard and mouse actions with your voice and xdotool