Thinking XML, Use XML pattern tools for systems analysis

Combine the discipline of Operational Systems Analysis with a flexible, adaptive toolkit

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Uche Ogbuji

Date archived: December 6, 2016 | First published: June 02, 2010

Systems optimization is a growing field, especially in adaptive, autonomic systems, but also in traditional information workflows. Much of the material accumulated in the monitor phase is available in some form of XML. Rather than apply complicated, monolithic analysis tools, you can benefit when you apply the pattern dispatch mechanisms inherent in XML. This saves effort and increases flexibility as it supports a library of analysis primitives that you can redeploy for high-level reports as well as fine-tuning. Learn to apply the likes of XPath and XSLT patterns much more broadly in order to support analysis and drive systems optimizations.

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ArticleTitle=Thinking XML: Use XML pattern tools for systems analysis