Why use DITA to produce HTML deliverables?

Overcoming the limitations of HTML

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John Hunt, Don Day, Erik Hennum, Michael Priestley, and Dave Schell

Date archived: May 15, 2019 | First published: September 28, 2005

The Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) is an XML-based format for structuring and authoring technical content. This article explores advantages DITA provides for producing HTML content -- including easy global changes, portability through standards, superior linking and Web management, conditional processing, content and design reuse, and better writing through focused content. DITA consolidates all of the benefits in a consistent, overall information architecture that can evolve and grow along with your product information needs and delivery modes, and with the evolution of standard tools for delivering XML as the presentation mechanism.

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ArticleTitle=Why use DITA to produce HTML deliverables?