Creating a NIEM IEPD, Part 4: Assemble the IEPD

Design an XML information exchange between U.S. government entities

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Text version of NIEM Conformance Report (Figure 9)
NIEM Conformance Report
Mar 18, 2010 12:55:21 PM EST

Summary - Automatic Checks

NDR Conformance (V1.3)
  Total Number Rules in NDR                                             183
    The number of rules that are listed in the NDR version 1.3.
  Total Number NDR Rules/Sub-rules in Conformance Tool                  191
    This number includes both rules and sub-rules that are in the
    Conformance Tool. Sub-rules are used to check a portion of an NDR
    rule (sub-rules are not defined in the NDR, only in the Conformance
    Tool). Sub-rules are necessary because some NDR rules are too
    large or complex and are better verified in parts.
  Total Number Rules/Sub-Rules Auto Checked                             107
    The number of rules/sub-rules that are automatically checked by
    tool. The remainder of the rules will need to be verified
    manually (see the "Manual Checks" section below).
  Total Number Rules/Sub-Rules Auto Passed                              107
    Self-explanatory, the number of rules/ sub-rules that automatically
    passed validation.
  Total Number Rules/Sub-Rules Auto Failed                              0
    The number of different rules/sub-rules that failed validation.
    Each rule may have failed one or more times. See the sheet "NDR
    Rules - Auto Failed" for specific locations of the failures in your

IEPD Specification Conformance (v2.1)
  Metadata                                                            Complete
    Verifies if all required metadata is complete.
  Catalog                                                             Complete
    Verifies if all required artifacts are listed in the catalog AND exist
    in the IEPD

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