Creating a NIEM IEPD, Part 4: Assemble the IEPD

Design an XML information exchange between U.S. government entities

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Text version of rendered IEPD catalog file (Figure 7)
Browser URL: file:///C:/Users.Pr/AppData/Local/Temp/

Theft Report

Exhange report thefts of motor vehicles and bicyles in the state on a daily basis.

Master Documentation Files
    * Wantlist: wantlist.xml
    * Sample Stylesheet: Rendering Instructions
    * NIEM Mapping: Component Mapping Template
    * Domain Model: UML Class Diagram
    * Documentation: Exchange Description
    * Subset Schema: Subset
    * Exchange Schema: Exchange Schema
    * Extension Schema: Extension Schema
    * Change Log: Change Log
    * Sample XML Instance: Sample Theft Report Instance

Catalog Files
    * Catalog: catalog.html
    * Metadata: metadata.xml

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