Listing 1: A complete SOAP message over HTTPR

                              ;;;;;;( start http
POST /gway/httprmq.jsp HTTP/1.1 CRLF CRLF
                                ;;;;;;( start http headers
Transfer-Encoding: chunked CRLF
                                ;;;;;;) end http headers
                                ;;;;;;( start http payload
xx CRLF           ; size of 1st http chunk (in hex)
                                  ;;;;;;( start httpr batch header
request: PUSH HTTPR/1.0 CRLF
transactionid: 1 CRLF
                                  ;;;;;;) end httpr batch header
                                  ;;;;;;( start first (and only) httpr message
                                    ;;;;;;( start httpr message header
message-size: nnn CRLF                   ;   (nnn to contain decimal length)
target-uri: httpr:// CRLF
content-type: text/xml; charset="utf-8" CRLF
                                    ;;;;;;) end httpr message header
                                    ;;;;;;( start httpr message context
reply-uri: httpr://  CRLF
message-id: 0102030405060708090a0b0c0d0e0f  CRLF
correlation-id:  CRLF
put-time: 2001-02-15T11:12:12Z  CRLF
app-soap-action:  CRLF
                                    ;;;;;;) end httpr message context
                                    ;;;;;;( start httpr body
                                         ;    = SOAP message from SOAP specification Example 1
                                         ;    (may contain CRLF for legibility)
                                      ;;;;;;() no SOAP header for simple message
                                      ;;;;;;( start SOAP body
       <m:GetLastTradePrice xmlns:m="Some-URI">
                                      ;;;;;;) end SOAP body
                                    ;;;;;;) end httpr body = SOAP message
                                  ;;;;;;) end httpr payload
                                ;;;;;;) end httpr message
PayloadDisposition =  "last"  
                              ;;;;;;) end http message